Christine studied for her Fine Art degree at Glasgow School of Art where she specialised in drawing and painting with print making as a second subject. At the beginning of her teaching career Christine exhibited her work in Aberdeen, but as she became more absorbed by teaching, exhibiting her own work took a secondary role.  

Christine recently retired from the post of Principal Teacher for Art and Design in North Lanarkshire. She has encouraged numerous students to further their skills and interests beyond school and into various art schools and colleges. The change from full time teaching to becoming more focused on her own work is an exciting transition for her.

Christine says, "My areas of interest are in a range of subject matter including figure composition, still life and recording places of interest as a visual diary. I am particularly fascinated with the effects of light. I will be working on drawing and acrylic painting. Acrylics offer an easy entry into the world of painting. Unlike oil paint, acrylics can be used without smelly solvents and can be cleaned up with soap and water. You need only very ordinary and inexpensive tools to get started. This type of medium gives you the freedom to paint out parts of your work and make changes as your work progresses, which is fantastically liberating for the creative process. Exciting creative techniques like building up glazes, blending, scumbling and using thicker paint with a palette knife can be explored during the week."